David Lusch

Worldwide Representative of Master Sha

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About Master
David Lusch

Disciple and Worldwide Representative of Master Sha. Divine Channel. Master Soul Healer and Teacher. Author. Universal Servant.

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Founded by Master Sha, the Love Peace Harmony Movement's purpose is to create love, peace and harmony for humanity, Mother Earth and all universes.

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  • Tao Song Holiday Surprise and Delight Recipe

    First, play a little bit of Tao Gratitude. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OPSDCAQ5iA&feature=channel_video_title Then, mix that with some Tao Love. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gFe-1uTcHY&feature=channel_video_title Add some Tao Forgiveness. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEeNWUGZ-28&feature=channel_video_title Pre-bake for about 12 minutes. Then, proceed with adding Tao Compassion and Tao Light at the same time.

  • Journey to Soul Meditation 17: Heaven’s Herb Garden Delight

    For thousands of years, herbs have provided healing for different ailments, conditions and illnesses. However, the greatest healing power comes from their souls. Invoking the Soul Power of herbs can bring incredible soul healing, prevention of sickness, rejuvenation, transformation and more. Heaven’s Herb Garden has countless herbs that can provide even greater healing because many [...]

  • Journey to Soul Meditation 16: The Flying Falcon Liberates the Soul

    The falcon symbolizes hope to overcome your blockages in your life. The falcon will help you see clearer, understand deeper and liberate your soul from the blockages that prevent you from fully manifesting and expressing your soul in life. Ride the falcon. Liberate your soul. Time: 26:05 (Note: You can click on the play/pause button [...]

  • Journey to Soul Meditation 15: Angel Choirs Singing Songs of Love and Light

    Many angels sing Soul Songs that have incredible power to heal and transform every aspect of your life. Often, they sing songs of love and light. Open your heart and soul. Receive angel blessings of love and light for your spiritual, mental, emotional or physical body, or for your relationships, finance or business. Time: 15:24 [...]

  • Journey to Soul Meditation 14: The Sun and Moon Dance

    The sun is yang. The moon is yin. The sun and moon can balance and harmonize your yin and yang. When your yin and yang are balanced and harmonized within you, you are healthy. The sun and moon have powerful abilities to boost energy, heal, prevent sickness, rejuvenate and transform all life. In this meditation, [...]

"Karma is the root cause of success and failure in every aspect of life."

- Master Sha

"David's soul reading makes sense. It really resonated with me and explains my life thus far."

- Miriam Mellman, Oakland, California
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