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Check Yourself Three Times a Day | Blog & Video

Check Yourself Three Times a Day

Check Yourself Three Times a Day

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I have learned through Master Sha that Confucius taught to “check yourself three times a day.” This is one of the most powerful teachings because it keeps you on track in offering good service and not going too far off track in creating bad karma, i.e. letting negativities continue on for days, weeks or even months.

Take a moment to reflect upon yourself three times each day. Ask yourself: “How am I doing? What I have done well in offering unconditional universal service (unconditional universal service includes unconditional love, forgiveness, peace, healing, blessing, harmony and enlightenment)? In what areas can I improve in offering unconditional universal service?”

I have found that it is easy to implement this practice into my day during breakfast, lunch, and dinner/before sleep because this connects it to regular activities that I do each day.

You can implement this simple and effective practice however it fits your schedule best. The key is that you must be truly honest with yourself in evaluating the positive and negative, and not let mind blockages influence your evaluation. It is also good to not be too generous or hard on yourself. The evaluation must be approached from an objective and balanced perspective. Use your Soul Communication Channels in your evaluation if they are open and speak to your soul. When you are doing well in certain aspects of your life, continue offering that service. When you need improvement in certain areas, correct yourself and improve.

May your day be blessed and filled with love and light.

David Lusch

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